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May 29, 2015
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July 30, 2015

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The MOST important maintenance for any dryer is a clear exhaust.

Many dryer failures usually result from an improperly maintained vent system. This causes premature failure of the bearings, elements, ignitors and other critical parts.

                        -For best drying results, clean the lint filter before each load.

-When drying only one or two items, toss in a few items of varying size to promote good tumbling action and improve drying results. Dryers with an Auto-Dry cycle will not dry properly with a very small load in the tumbler.

-A drying rack accessory sits stationary on the front and rear bulkheads to speed the drying process of items like: caps, sneakers, sweaters, stuffed toys and pillows.

-Raising the dryer 6-12 inches with a storage drawer below puts the door opening near level with the washer opening and reduces bending.

Never use white plastic exhaust duct on any dryer!! The stuff is not only flammable, but it increases drying time tremendously! Do not use the foil-looking stuff, either! Use only flexible metal duct or rigid duct. The new periscope vent kits also work well for dryers in tight spaces and will eliminate any chance of hose kinking. And don’t forget if you need our Appliance Repair Service In Cicero, NY just call @ 315-699-8412 we serve all the Syracuse, NY area.

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